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Mon May 24 12:46:23 CDT 2004

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> As Dave in NJ wrote, I too was a bit surprised to open with ICE, etc.
> But, I wasn't worried, and kept thinking about what Jim had written with
> going 0-1000mph right off the bat, with no where to go from there but
> I could see that.  Maybe Pete and Rog did too.
> So, it didn't bother me.

I do think that's the best way to open up.  A few quick early hits.  Just
mix 'em up a little bit.  I'm a Boy, Happy Jack, I Can See For Miles...

> I do have one complaint.  While it's just one, it's big.
> Get....rid....of Pino.
> It aint working.

I agree with what you're saying about his sound.  But I can't help thinking
it's intentional.  He's standing back almost up against his amps, no spot
lighting *at all*, dressed in black.  *He's* not choosing to be so
inconspicuous.  *Somebody* has made that decision and it has to extend to
his sound, or at least his volume.

> I was almost relieved that they didn't play "Love Ain't for Keeping", in
> that it would have made me cry..missing John's distinctive bass lines in
> that song.

I thought it sounded good, but I'm looking forward to getting the Encore CD
to refresh my memory.  It did seem *very* short though.  I'm thinking they
cut out a verse.

> Yep, we got Naked Eye.
> That was indeed a treat.
> It was, for me, a bit of a tease.
> While I enjoyed the acoustic rendition, I kept waiting for the beat
> and explosion into the never reaches of nakedness.

I had a feeling it might be like that.  I had mentioned I'd like to hear an
accoustic section a while back, but I knew if I actually got it there would
be part of me that wished for the full out rocking versions of the songs.
Then I read Matt's description of how Pete and Roger connected there and
thought, well that would have been great to see.  Did you get any sense of
it?  Before Matt posted that thought he had the pictures up, and I remember
thinking that the one of Pete & Roger hugging looked pretty emotional.  I'm
happy if these guys are becoming closer through these tours.  How could they

> It didn't happen.  But, it was great to hear, so no biggie (sorta  ;-).
> Where the teasing *REALLY* hurt was throwing in verses of.....and I'm
> surprised no one has mentioned this yet....throwing in verses of YOUNG MAN
> BLUES!!!  (can't remember where that was...between what songs??  anyone??)
> I was about to freak!
> Stu and I were holding our breath!  "Come on!  Keep it going!  Are they
> really???  Would they dare????  Holly hell, we're going to get Young Man
> Blues???
> No, we're just going to get diddled a bit.  Tempted.  Teased.  Played
> It was painful.

According to Matt's setlist it was during My Generation.  They did the same
thing with Kids Are Alright in Mansfield (I thought that worked).  They kind
of went from MG to KAA to ORW and just about stopped between each one.  I
can see why it would be more frustrating with Young Man Blues.

> A bit surprised at the lack of banter or even conversation with the crowd.
> Again, no biggie.

That was the thing that bothered me the most.  The show *did* feel hurried
to me.  Mansfield lasted about the same time as you say MSG did, but it felt
a lot quicker than that to me.

> Found it hilarious when Roger's mike went launching like a fucking
> into the crowd.

Hope it hit a Yankee fan.

> Wish I had gotten to hear Long Live Rock.

Are you going to buy the MSG Encore CD?  Wanna do a swap?

> NY!
> Really, this was as much, if not more of the motivation.
> The show was an added bonus.
> I seem to remember someone saying at one point, "hell, and we still have a
> Who Concert to go to tonight!"

Man, I wish I was there for that.

Jim M

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