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Mon May 24 10:40:10 CDT 2004

 > Wish I had gotten to hear Long Live Rock.  Speaking of which, where the 
hell is/was Joe Lewinski???


This was a bit painful for me.  I was with my family
cruising around NYC all day (Ellis Island, Times Square,
Rockefeller Center, etc.), and I arrived at the Molly
Wee around 6:00ish.  Saw Keets, and Jeff and Greg
from MD.  Looked around for you, and my son and I
ordered some food.   Waited around, swept up to the
front a few times and never saw you.  Around 6:45
I saw Magik come in.  We chatted a bit and he said that
he saw you at Hurley's (I must have missed this
last minute change in plans).   There was Who music
and a bunch of Who fans at the Molly Wee, and we were
close to show time so we decided that moving up to
Hurley's on 48th at around 7:00 was a bad plan.  A
few fans I met (Diego and Wendy) said that they heard
that the Hurley's event was advertised until 6:00 PM
anyway.  So I suspected that you guys might move down
to either Molly Wee or to MSG.   Jason and I hung out
until 7:00 and decided to go over to MSG and look at
t-shirts (we settled on the red-white-blue union jack
silhouette of Pete jumping in a question mark shape,
and looked around for you guys to enter the venue.

After the show we ventured over to the arena seats on
Pete's side and I combed around looking for you guys
to basking in the afterglow as the rest of the mob
hit the exits.  No luck.

We dashed up to our hotel on 42nd - Jason got a nice
piggyback ride up 7th avenue and got him settled for
bed and quick recap of the evening's events with my

Back to Molly Wee (this time down 8th street).  Was
planning on hitting a cab, but the North-bound one-way
prevented any easy cab acquisition, so I decided to get
some exercise.   No dice....   I again saw Greg from
MD guarding the bar with a guy named Josh.   I decided
to hang for a Guinness and see if you guys would show.
Greg mentioned that there was some hotel that Rabbit
might end-up playing at, but the name escapes me.
I remembered Hurley's was on 48th, so I said good by
to Greg and marched up to Hurley's around 12:20.  No
luck.  No Kevin, no Schrade, no Stu, no Jon.  ;-(

Sorry we couldn't hook up.   I felt a bit like Jimmy
Cooper back at Brighton.

As for the show.  I am really happy to have introduced
my son to The Who with such a great performance by
Pete.   He was on top of his game and looks to be
in excellent mental and physical shape.  I am happy
for him.    The band is very tight, and I agree
with your comments on Pino.  I think that Simon should
move to bass.   Unlike some of the *official* reviews,
I think Simon's backing vocals and guitar work are
essential to filling out the sound.  I could see Simon's
every move from where I was sitting and strongly
suggest that remain and receive a promotion.

I dig the drums/guitar jam between Zak and Pete, then
the harmonica/guitar jam between Rog and Pete
on Magic Bus, only to be followed by an organ/guitar
jam between Rabbit and Pete.

The Listening to You did end on a very weak note.  All
the versions I have of live material were loud and
bold.   This one had none of that.   Their decision to
stay and play was obvious.  I was expecting another
acoustic set, or a Roger/Pete solo.  When I saw Simon
pick up the wood blocks I was the first in my section
to scream MAGIC BUS!

In retrospect I should have taken some cell numbers
down....  I trust you guys had a good time without me
We failed to get together, but The Who prevailed!

Joe in Philly  - who will be buying the MSG/2004 on CD

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