NY Times review of MSG

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Mon May 24 09:31:09 CDT 2004

>NY Times review of MSG
>>Who Knew: Rolling Past Collective Memory

Ya *dumbass*.

>Published: May 24, 2004
>"It Don't Happen That Way at All,"
>performed by Mr. Townshend

Ya *dumbass*.

>and his longtime band mate
>the singer

The singer?


>Once they were uncool
>in a way that worked. Now they're just uncool.

What the fuck?
Where'd *that* come from????
This guy is such an idiot, that his entire article/review is generally very
polite and positive, and then he pulls down his pants and takes a dump on it
all because I'm *sure* he thinks *that's* the cool thing to do and write.
What a maroon.

Hey Ben!
Don't look now, but you're the only one that didn't get it!
All the other reviewers were intelligent enough to know what it was they
were looking at.

Ya dick.

Kevin in VT

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