Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Mon May 24 09:09:06 CDT 2004

>Neil E. Weissman
>While a terrific performance, it was short,
>under 2 hours.
>Many of you may not like this, but I feel cheated.  I expect a band to play
>at least 2:15 or 2:30.

Check your watch, Neil.  You may need a new battery.
Stu and I timed it and came out with 2:14 (8:45 - almost 11pm)

>The only reason they did Magic Bus at the end was that they
>had to fill another 7 to 10 minutes.

The end of SMFM (last song in encore) was botched just a bit.  As a result
the ending to the whole show turned out anti-climactic.
So, as the boys (Zak, Pino, Simon, Rabbit) left the stage, Pete and Roger
stayed and Pete, sensing the end on a down note, grabbed Roger and spoke
into his ear.  They kind of nodded in agreement.  Pete picked his guitar
back up and then signaled to a  roadie who sprinted off stage to go get the
Once all back on stage, they went into MB which was in a sense a second

As Dave in NJ wrote, I too was a bit surprised to open with ICE, etc.
But, I wasn't worried, and kept thinking about what Jim had written with
going 0-1000mph right off the bat, with no where to go from there but down.
I could see that.  Maybe Pete and Rog did too.
So, it didn't bother me.

The show was great.
This is a very strong band on stage.
Again, as Dave wrote, they were VERY tight, particularly the first half of
the show.  Flawless.  Ferocious.  Driven.  Professional.
Again, a very strong band.

I do have one complaint.  While it's just one, it's big.
Get....rid....of Pino.
It aint working.

'I couldn't hear him.
I couldn't see him.
I never heard him, not a note of him
He won't play nothing to no one
never tell a soul
And, I know it's the truth.'

I tried and tried, but I...could...not...hear Pino.
He might as well not have been there.
I was downright pissed several times because of it.
Pino is now pulled further back from the front of the stage.
He lives in isolated darkness.
It's the Pete and Roger show now.
But, if this is going to be a "band"....a living and working
have to bring bass into the mix.
I think we all came away with the same strong feelings.

Stu argued lightly that he thought Pino played well, but he was just kept so
low in the mix that it was frustrating.
I can't go there.
Even in the solo's for MG, he could barely squirt the notes out of his ass.
And, from the speed of his head-pecking, it looked like he was giving it his
all to just not fuck up on that part.  Jesus, you would think he would
practice it better to kick it smoother.
It just ain't working.
WHO2 will not work without a distinct low-end sound that is brought back
into the mix.
Bass is just too vital to The Who's music and sound.

I was almost relieved that they didn't play "Love Ain't for Keeping", in
that it would have made me cry..missing John's distinctive bass lines in
that song.
Pino needs to be either let off his leash, or let go all together.
Sorry.  I went in with an open mind, and came out convinced.  Also, everyone
else I was talking to was saying the same thing.

Yep, we got Naked Eye.
That was indeed a treat.
It was, for me, a bit of a tease.
While I enjoyed the acoustic rendition, I kept waiting for the beat change,
and explosion into the never reaches of nakedness.
It didn't happen.  But, it was great to hear, so no biggie (sorta  ;-).
Where the teasing *REALLY* hurt was throwing in verses of.....and I'm
surprised no one has mentioned this yet....throwing in verses of YOUNG MAN
BLUES!!!  (can't remember where that was...between what songs??  anyone??)
I was about to freak!
Stu and I were holding our breath!  "Come on!  Keep it going!  Are they
really???  Would they dare????  Holly hell, we're going to get Young Man
No, we're just going to get diddled a bit.  Tempted.  Teased.  Played with.
It was painful.

A bit surprised at the lack of banter or even conversation with the crowd.
Again, no biggie.
Found it hilarious when Roger's mike went launching like a fucking *missile*
into the crowd.
I think it landed about 5 rows back, because it exchanged about 4 hands to
get it back to the stage.
>From the way Roger was looking at that area, I could have sworn someone was
lying on the ground hurt.  But, everyone seemed to be fine, and Roger
laughed it off.  Even Pete shot a grin and chuckle.

Oh, did I mention that Zak is a monster???
Holy hell.
Why if you bring in a drummer to enter the mix, would one not do the same
with the bass.
I don't get it.

Wish I had gotten to hear Long Live Rock.  Speaking of which, where the hell
is/was Joe Lewinski???

The concert I saw on Saturday night was a powerful show.  You just can't
deny that these guys are strong and can kick ass.  The show is really very
I'm wondering though, if others felt like it was hard for them to keep the
momentum going through the entire show.  Did anyone feel a trailing off?
I've been wondering if trying to do a whole show without being able to rest
behind some of the sound of John's bass, takes a toll on Pete.  He quickly
drained being the focus after Keith's
Maybe he sees it and will make a change.
Or, maybe it'll scare him and discourage future work.
Maybe, I think too much...

Really, this was as much, if not more of the motivation.
The show was an added bonus.
I seem to remember someone saying at one point, "hell, and we still have a
Who Concert to go to tonight!"
Fly into JFK, shuttle to Madhattan, and am able to surprise Cousin Schrade
and Brotha Jon with a loud "WHO!  WHO!  WHO!" from across the street of the
Hotel where they were waiting, at 9:45am.
Freshen up, and head downtown to meet Leslie, our hook into local *Sicilian* pizza (don't call it deep-dish in, NY  ;- )
Get a personal guided tour of Ground Zero by a who fan.  Nice.
Get shown where the best view is.  Nice.
Get personal accounts of actually being there.  Painful, but, nice.
Share some time.  .....nice.

Leslie's got to go, and we did too, back to mid-town to meet my Maryland
friends Stu and Mike.
Check into PHAT suite right across from MSG, and then the rest.....could
just be descried as a blurr of one fun-as-shit moment after another.
Walking through Times Square on a raging Saturday afternoon, to meet up with
other Who friends at Hurley's.
This bar had a really nice back patio with tables and chairs.  Perfect to
take a break from the the noise of the bar.
Met up with our good friend Emme and her fiancé, and really just had a
completely great time.  Good to see so many who friends again (Joe, where
were you??????), and also to meet others that I've read before.  Who videos
were being played, and Who gifts were being given away.  And Who beer was
being consumed.  Well, just beer.
>From there the party raged back toward MSG, for a show and more Who-chat in
the post-show-glow on the steps of MSG.  Really a cool thing to step outside
of the venue (MSG) and be on a busy and partying NY street.  Step out of the
show, and into a party.  The night ended after 3:30am with visits to the
Molly Wee and late night slices.

I rounded out my NY experience yesterday with a good visit to Strawberry
Fields and other sections of Ctrl. Park with my childhood friends from MD.

That's right, you Scottles and Jon....(and obviously you too Stu and Mike if
you're reading!)
Fun doesn't give it justice.
A pleasure.
It will be repeated.
I'll send photo's soon.
"Can you....get on with it?  Can you keep it together??"

I added it up....average of 4 1/2 hours of sleep the last 3 nights.
It's raining like a motha here.
I'm taking a nap.

Kevin (who wisely planned to take today off) in VT

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