My MSG Review

PT408 at PT408 at
Sun May 23 19:15:27 CDT 2004

Hi gang,
I saw the show from Pino's side, good $250 seats. First off, I was a little 
disappointed  that they started with ICE, Sub, and Anyway....  . I was looking 
forward to that "in your face" start with WAY and Baba.   Anyway, no big deal. 
 Not much talking by Roger or Pete upfront, just real tight songs.  You could 
have made the case that they sounded like the 2002 shows at that point.  Then 
for me, and imagine the same would be for you guys on this board, this show 
was different.  Pete said he was real happy to be here, to be back.  This 
multi-millionaire, multi-talent rock icon looked very humbled.  He didn't say much 
more, I just felt it. You guys on this board are like me, back in January 
2003, you woke up one morning to hear that the guy who wrote the soundtrack of our 
lives, had just taken a shovel and wacked us in the gut. Of course, time has 
passed and this event is essentially over as far as we fans are concerned. 
However, Pete looked to me at least, he had his doubts if would ever be back 
anywhere, not just in NYC.  From that moment, The Who Locomotive Express rolled on 
and my ears are still humming today.
Here's some random thoughts;  BIG highlight was Naked Eye accoustic.  Pete 
mentioned it was a first.  I forgot what a gem that song is.  By the way, I 
might be way off base, but Roger didn't seem happy.  He didn't crack a smile until 
45 minutes into the show.  His voice sounded good, but he was drinking alot.  
Maybe I'm reaching here.  Anyway, this was wild.  During one of Roger's mic 
twirling tricks, he accidently let the mic go and it flew right into the 1st 
and 2nd row.  We're talking, major velocity.  It looked like everyone was 
alright, but Roger seemed real concerned.  He almost didn't care if he got the mic 
back, he just wanted to make sure no one was dead!!  Surprise at end, after 
Listening to you, they stayed on and played Magic Bus.  Great version of the Bus. 
(Zak is too good to describe)  Pete was great all night.  He nailed the solo 
accoustic Drowned.  He sounded great during Eminence.  Plenty of windmills, a 
couple of Birdman poses.  He mentioned that if anyone wanted to buy Who music, 
he would be willing to listen because he has some expensive sailing habits.  
I think he was referencing the whole CSI TV show thing.  He also gave the 
impression that the record company was going to release Then and Now and he 
decided to freshen it up with two new songs. I thought it was the other way around.  
Pete is in great shape (of course Roger is).  He should have written the 
line, "I hope I'm in great shape when I get old." Because at 59, he still can play 
and move with the best of all time.  Finally, the Who fans are the greatest.  
>From my seat on the side, I often looked out and saw thousands of smiling 
faces, singing, jumping, windmilling, and cheering their beloved Who.  I'm a 
proud Who fan.

Dave in NJ     p.s Now Pete, get off your f***ing boat and write more new 

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