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Charles Shaar Murray sorts out the star strikers from
the substitutes on two Who releases 

Sunday May 23, 2004
The Observer 

Roger Daltrey? Geezer! Keith Moon? Nutter! Pete
Townshend? Weirdo! John Entwistle? Well, he just stood
there, didn'ee? As well as being one of the half-dozen
most exciting rock bands of all time and setting a few
all-time benchmarks for creative straddling of the
intellectual/yobbo divide, the Who were rivalled only
by the Beatles for the cartoon-like clarity of their
individual personae. This personality factor,
alongside the kinetic drama of their best live
performances, is what renders Jeff Stein's 1979
retrospective rockumentary The Kids Are Alright
(Sanctuary), completed just before the death of Keith
Moon, such a small miracle of its kind. It's every bit
as good as its legend claims.

Ken Russell's 1975 movie adaptation of Tommy is, on
the other hand, every bit as bad as its legend
suggests. Russell himself, with his insistence on
filming absolutely everything as if it were Wagner, is
the prime culprit, but Tommy The Movie (Prism) is
nobody's finest hour-and-a-half.

-Brian in Atlanta
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