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Fri May 21 23:17:57 CDT 2004

Well I finally made it home from Beantown!! This was a good show. Better than what I remember from 02 except Hershey. Pete was in good spirits which made things great! I was shocked to hear Long Live Rock and they did a good job on it too! As soon as I heard this song I knew Magic Bus was coming and it did!!! Fucking Great version at that! Love ain't for keeping too...somebody is reading our lists I'm sure!!!!! When the group was off stage between encores I suddenly loked up too see somebody doing a drumroll ala keith moon on Zak's kit and it was Pete!!! He was good too me lol. Pete got up and jumped down then the rest of them came on stage and continued playing. At one point in the encore Pete was soloing and wanted Zak to go with him but Zak seemed to stay put ...seemed like Pete was fucking with him a little bit in a good natured way. It was a good show so yhose going to msg should have a good time. I saw a licesense plate at my hotel WHO FAN with ontario plates very cool don't ya think??? I played tourist today and went to the JFK LIBRARY. A 12yr old saw my concert shirt and said "Hey they are a awesome band!" A good sign I thought. I saw a lot teens at this show and not just with dad either. Well time to watch the Flyers game on tape from last nite gang enjoy msg!

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