Carnegie Hall writer got it wrong?

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Fri May 21 20:29:07 CDT 2004

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Roger's playing a guitar in the first shot.  Which of those three songs does
he play guitar on?

I guess I'll find out tonight!


Jim M

I was of the understanding that Eminence Front was going to be the theme for 
CSI-NY, not Baba O'Riley.  I can't think of any reason that Roger would be 
playing guitar if EF wasn't one of the three they played, unless it was his usual 
acoustic guitar for WAY (still don't know why he does that- it's not a song 
that needs an acoustic rhythm).  Could be wrong.  computer is f-ed up right now 
and can't get to the pix to see.  Of course, I'm not sure of any of this, so 
take it for what it's worth- not that much.


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