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Fri May 21 08:53:03 CDT 2004

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> Probably? Probably? Forgetting Who songs???

I thought they might have dropped more songs than I could remember, but it
turns out my memory was perfect.

Let's see if I can remember a few nuggets before Scott hits the road.

As I said, there wasn't a lot of banter.  Pete did make mention of the "we
will be BACK" statement he made last time he was in Mansfield.  He talked
about really enjoying being there and thanked us and, although he didn't say
it, it seemed clear he meant he's glad to be back at work and the problems
of last year are mostly behind him.  The crowd seemed very focused on him.
The only times they really let loose were when he would windmill or pose
"birdman" style.  In many ways this was a Pete Townshend show.  Roger did a
great job; he sounds much better in person than on the encore cd's.  But I
have to say Pete dominates the show.  Anyone looking for a new, louder Pino
needn't bother.  He was solid and professional but, unless he was actually
standing behind his amps in '02, he couldn't have been less noticable.  His
sound was way down, too.  When you can't hear the bass line in Sparks, you
know it's not loud enough.

But, like I said, this was Pete's show.  Great soloing in many places.
Really rips it on the Old Red Wine part of My Generation.  And the Tommy
jams are a great climax.  I think they need to rethink putting Who Are You
and Baba back-to-back to open.  It's a hell of an opening, but you go from
zero to a hundred right off the bat and there's almost nowhere to go but
down.  There's a couple of spots later on where you could use the jolt of
adreneline you get from the opening to Baba.  It's wasted so early.

As I mentioned, they did screw up the openings to Baba (Rabbit, or was it
Pino, came in one bar early) and WGFA (they were all out of sync on the
opening chord).  Pete had to stop the opening of Magic Bus because he
couldn't "hear the clicky things."  I think that was the problem with all
those songs.  Some cue they get in their earpieces wasn't loud enough.
Also, Roger got lost in Eminence Front.  I didn't really even notice it, but
it must have been obvious because Pete was giving him shit about it

When they came out for the encore, someone was goofing around on the drums.
Then he climbed down and I realized it was Pete.

Anyway, if I remember anything else I'll post it later.

> I guess you should have said the show
> was...intoxicating.

It better be.  The beers cost $8.

Jim M

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