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The Who heats up in warmup
By Dean Johnson
Friday, May 21, 2004

It was one of the best warmup sessions you're ever
likely to see. 
     The Who ``sneaked'' into the Tweeter Center last
night for the band's first major show in this country
since 2002. 
     The two-hour concert was a rehearsal gig, really,
for the only other U.S. show until the fall - a
sold-out Madison Square Garden performance later this
     Near the end of the night, singer/guitarist Peter
Townshend admitted to the near-capacity crowd the show
had been ``a little rough.'' 
     But that was what made it fun. The Who have never
been polish. The band's strength has been its sheer
energy . . . and its songbook. 
     Now that only two of the original quartet are
alive - Townshend and singer Roger Daltrey - the group
is almost a Dr. Seuss creation: the ``Half-a-Who.''
But the group had no trouble proving its relevance
last night. The strong material was a key, from
the``C.S.I.'' soundtrack tunes (``Who Are You,''
``Won't Get Fooled Again'') to``Behind Blue Eyes,''
``5:15'' and ``Love, Reign O'er Me.'' 
     The band, which included Pino Palladino on bass,
Zak Starkey on drums, a keyboards player and a rhythm
guitarist, also performed more recent material, such
as the new ``Real Good Looking Boy.'' 
     Two more factors were Starkey's ferocious
percussion work and Townshend's guitar. 
     In many ways, Townshend is an even more confident
and adventurous player than in the band's heyday, and
he sprayed ripping solos and fills all over the place.
During the ``Magic Bus'' and ``My Generation'' jams,
he took some delicious, absolutely gonzo guitar runs. 
     Townshend, never one to pander, spoke several
times about his affection for Boston-area audiences.
He gave a thumbs up before he left the stage. The band
also deserved one. 
     The group mrnorth opened the concert making
pretty much the kind of rock 'n' roll noise expected
from a young band opening for The Who, even if its
music was sometimes a little overwrought. 

-Brian in Atlanta
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