Happy Birthday, Pete!

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Thu May 20 23:28:07 CDT 2004

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Well a review will have to wait, but let me tell you about the set list

They open with WAY, then BABA!

Added songs are Long Live Rock, Love Ain't for Keeping (no Relay or
Bargain), The Punk Meets the Godfather (no Sea and Sand), Magic Bus (no AAA)
and Real Good Looking Boy.  Kids are Alright has been reduced to a little
bit at the end of My Generation.  Old Red Wine is very brief.  They also
dropped Another Tricky Day.  Probably some other stuff I'm forgetting.

All I'll say tonight is I thought they were great and I had a blast.  I
might not be able to be as discriminating as some of you that have seen
multiple shows on recent tours.  Some screw ups, as you'd expect.  Baba and
WGFA intro's were both somewhat botched.  Noticed a lot of people getting
into RGLB, but also a lot of people who didn't know what it was.  There was
no introduction for it.  Actually not very much stage banter.  I'll try to
remember more tomorrow.

See ya, and hope you all enjoy the NY show!

Jim M

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