Advance from Boston Globe

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Thu May 20 11:11:34 CDT 2004

>Brian Cady 
>Advance from Boston Globe

Thanks Brian!
Right on time, as usual.

>We saw 'em post-Entwistle two years ago and they
>rocked and they roared.

Yeah they did!

>(If you have hazy memories of
>Townshend and that computer child-porn case, remember
>he was cleared last year.)

yet still registered.  hmph.

>Expect to hear "Old Red
>Wine," a new tune and tribute to Entwistle, and "Real
>Good Looking Boy" (another new one), along with the

More like, look forward to hearing....

Kevin (soon to be in NY) in VT

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