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You better, you bet
By Jim Sullivan, Globe Staff  |  May 20, 2004

The Who, a rock 'n' roll powerhouse for nearly four
decades, is back on the road and playing the Tweeter
Center tonight. They'll perform -- just like the last
time around -- without bassist John Entwistle, who
died in 2002 of a drug overdose, and Keith Moon, who
died of drug- and drink-related causes back in 1978.
So, is this outfit helmed by Roger Daltrey and Pete
Townshend -- once called "unwashed, foul-mouthed,
booze-swilling no-hopers" by an Australian newspaper
-- a mere shadow of its once glorious self? Go! says
No! We saw 'em post-Entwistle two years ago and they
rocked and they roared. (If you have hazy memories of
Townshend and that computer child-porn case, remember
he was cleared last year.) Expect to hear "Old Red
Wine," a new tune and tribute to Entwistle, and "Real
Good Looking Boy" (another new one), along with the
classics. The band mrnorth opens at 7:30. Tickets:
$35-$125.Route 140, Mansfield, 508-339-2333.

-Brian in Atlanta
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