Happy Birthday, Pete!

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at gmavt.net
Wed May 19 19:37:11 CDT 2004

>Schrade, Scott
>Subject: Happy Birthday, Pete!
>Happy Pete Townshend's birthday, everyone!

I don't believe I've ever heard it quite put  that way before.

>John Kerry For President

John Kerry For President

>Paul M. Moriarty pmm at igtc.com
>Subject: quote
>Not to pick nits,

I definitely have never heard *that* put that way before!

>Who Live In Boston DVD - Japan release
>>How can you tell which show is featured on the DVD?  I've looked at the
>>and don't see any mention of the performance date.
>They had cameras at that show.

Yep-per.  Big-butt boom cameras right behind the first sections, and also
off to the sides up front.
There was excitement in the air.   Mmmmmmmm.

Well, you guys have pretty much covered it.  A much better Boston
performance than "Boston I".  Then again, when you step off the plane and
learn the released details of John's death, it's really not a surprise.
Hell, they were having to deal with the second leg in a row (#2) starting
off with media-shaking news about John's death.
That ain't easy.

Magic!  Oh man, he can get shit going.
He indeed has a relationship with Pete on that level.  And, if you don't
think Pete does in fact feed off of it, you're mistaken.  Pete recognizes
him...comments about him....laughs with him.....and even uses him as a
motivational villain.
I'll never forget my buddy Jess' reaction to the 'broo-ha'. This is his
second time seeing The Who (he *loves* them now), first time from anywhere
other than the lawn.....we were in row 12.
He's in disbelief, laughing, amazed, and then turns to me and says..."and
that's the guy we gave a ride to!  I brought him here!"
We both laughed!  But it was one of those "Bahaha holllllly shit!  Check
Magic *out*!  Holllllly shit!  OH man, I think Rog is getting pissed.  Yep!
He's getting pissed!  No way!  It was quite.....ummmm;......ummm....surreal.
Surreal fits perfectly.
It was classic.
Magic, if you're reading....can't wait to see you!

Everyone heading to Boston, give Pete a huge welcome!
Unless I'm forgetting something (always possible) this is Pete's first step
on stage in the U.S. since <ahem> the 'scandal.'


Kevin in VT

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