Who's Next Tribute

hare at optonline.net hare at optonline.net
Tue May 18 16:18:41 CDT 2004

If I just sent the whole damn digest to the list, I apologize....wow, that would be bad.  Hope that didn't happen...

In any case, Mc, re:

>>Thanks for the input.  I just got a DVD sent by Bill, and I'm impressed. 
I'm VERY excited about getting them down here and knocking that Zep band off their pedestal.  I'm going to keep the list updated on the project's progress and I welcome any and all input about Who's Next (as it's apparent they are who I've decided to go with).>>

I forgot to also mention that the guys in the band are some of the nicest you'll ever meet.  Bill in particular is an excellent guy - he's passionate about the Who, obviously, but is a friendly, helpful person and really goes the extra mile for a Who fan.

You've made a great decision!


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