New Pete interview

O'Neal, Kevin W. Kevin.ONeal at
Tue May 18 08:20:19 CDT 2004

>Schrade, Scott 
>New Pete interview
>> An animated film, autobiography, Who album AND solo album!  Is that 
>> enough Pete for ya?
>Bring it on!!  I wanna drown!!  


But, where did Brian get the "new album probably won't be The Boy Who Heard Music?"
All Pete states is "maybe, maybe not."
As vague as ever.
"maybe, maybe not. I'd like Roger to come in on the project but it may be a little too personal to me."
In other words, I'd like to do something with Roger, but I can't let go of The Boy Who Heard Music.
I say it's still a go!
"I have a young <teenage> son who I see a lot."
"I have a share with my girlfriend Rachel in four beautiful dogs: "
"But when I'm bored I go sailing."
Son, dogs, sailing.......
Damn, I *am* Pete Townshend!  (hmmmm, that seems to clear the room every time.)
"I am developing The Boy Who Heard Music as a film - probably as an animation film. Script finished. Music underway."
Yeah, you can't tell me that music won't end up in a CD format!  "Script done, music underway"??  Woooo WHOooo!
"I am writing and doing demos for songs for a WHO2 CD (me and Roger and the team). I have about six songs on the board."
Go Pete!
Go Pete!
Go Pete!
"I am also writing some songs for a solo album I want to release in 2006."
Uh oh.  I see bickering between Pete and Roger...
Roger:  Bugger that Pete!  That song needs to be on the new Who CD!  I won't stand for another round of 1982! For Pete's sake!  I mean....for my sake!"
"I have two songs I think will surprise people."
Ok, how is everyone interpreting this????  Song that will blow our sox off?  Or, subject matter that is controversial?
"I am writing and doing demos for songs for a WHO2 CD."
So Mark, what do you make of this???  Seems the old man has changed the name of the band to "WHO2", yet the record companies, who obviously hold many of the cards, need "The Who" in order to draw $$$$.
I'm beginning to be convinced that it's not up to Pete.   What's your take?  Is this good enough?  I mean, Pete sees it.  He wants it changed.  Yet, someone is forcing all the marketing to be "The Who."  

Let the party continue for another several years!
Kevin (very optimistic) in VT

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