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Tue May 18 07:04:34 CDT 2004

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> Breaking news: New Who2 album probably won't be "The
> Boy Who Heard Music", Pete wants Who2 to do another
> Chicago show for Maryville; he's doing another solo
> album as well as the Who2 album, he may perform live
> with Rachel Fuller.

Great interview.  Listen to this:

"I am developing The Boy Who Heard Music as a film - probably as an
animation film. Script finished. Music underway. I am writing my
autobiography Pete Townshend (.who he?). ... I am writing and doing demos
for songs for a WHO2 CD (me and Roger and the team). I have about six songs
on the board. I am also writing some songs for a solo album I want to
release in 2006. I have two songs I think will surprise people. "

An animated film, autobiography, Who album AND solo album!  Is that enought
Pete for ya?

Jim M

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