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Breaking news: New Who2 album probably won't be "The
Boy Who Heard Music", Pete wants Who2 to do another
Chicago show for Maryville; he's doing another solo
album as well as the Who2 album, he may perform live
with Rachel Fuller.

A number of great quotes:

"John himself was like a fine old wine at the end,
mellow, quiet, a little over-cooked, a little foggy,
but utterly exquisite and flowing when opened long
enough to the fresh air."

"John took up a lot of harmonic space in the sound
spectrum. I never complained because I loved being a
part of his sound; together we were like a grand
church organ."

[On Isle of Wight differences from 1970} "Older,
wiser, humbler, harder, softer, less of us! We will
blow the place apart."

"I love working for charity. It's so easy for a
musician to do, we just play, you guys pay, we get the

"I have lots and lots of wonderful friends. My life is
a joy. Except when it isn't."

-Brian in Atlanta
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