david johansen opening act?

Anne Holcomb AHOLCOMB at albion.edu
Mon May 17 20:06:13 CDT 2004

I have to emerge from the lurk-zone for this one...
We would actually be very fortunate if david johansen is the opening act, it might include the reunited New York Dolls!
Recently Morrissey, (who i guess used to be president of the new york dolls fanclub!!)was able to reunite the band for the Meltdown Festival in Britain. so there's a faint, faint chance that they could...possibly... open for the who as a group....
I think this would be a fantastic combo with the Who and if you haven't heard the NY dolls before, check them out, it won
Bands like the Pixies, Radiohead and the Cure are all headlining festivals on their own (and drawing big crowds) this summer, so it's doubtful that any of them would be an opening band, even for the who.
peace out, I am going to the hollywood bowl show in Aug. if there are any LA residents/visitors who are meeting up before/after....drop me a line!

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