Vedder and sheep

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Mon May 17 19:56:56 CDT 2004

A friend of mine is particularly annoyed by Vedder's rapid "billy goat" 
vibrato.  When we met Pearl Jam a few years ago, he got the "VS" album signed 
had one of the guitarists draw an arrow from Vedder's signature to the 
of the sheep on the cover...

I am also very annoyed by that.  It's the one reason I can't listen to Pearl 
Jam.  I have respect for their gravity as a mega-band, but that voice drives 
me nuts.  I feel the same way about Metallica and Dave Mathews.  I might like 
the music if the voices didn't make me want to wretch (though admittedly DMB's 
music isn't really my cup of tea either way).  I have heard Eddie has done 
some PJ shows where you can't even understand anything he sings, similar to what 
Dylan has been like the last 20 years.  His tortured, suicidal artist demeanor 
doesn't do anything for me either.

As for the sheep autograph, that's a pretty fucking good sense of humor.  
Caustic- I LOVE IT!


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