Poindexter and "mmmmmaaaaaarrrrrvelous!"

Sroundtable at aol.com Sroundtable at aol.com
Mon May 17 19:49:06 CDT 2004

> Buster Poindexter wasn't the band leader for
> Saturday Night Live (you may be
> thinking of G.E. Smith, another weird looking dude),
> but he did do the
> ubiquitous "Hot, Hot, Hot".

>>I think Jim is thinking of Billy Crystal, who did a
>>character similar to Poindexter. "You look

That character was a take-off on Fernando Lamas (father of Lorenzo of general 
bad-acting fame) called Fernando's Hideaway.  Poindexter was sort of a 
semi-regular musical character for a season.


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