Meet in NYC

Kevin O'Neal kevinandt at
Mon May 17 19:51:53 CDT 2004

>Emily Schiff doctorjimmy at
>Meet in NYC
>Whose going to be in NYC this weekend and where and when is the meet?
>Molly Wee as usual or has the plan changed?

Girl, I'll be there!
And Stu too!

Ahhhh, the memories....
I first met Ms. Schiff at A Day in The Garden (1998).  Stu and I both being
over 6ft., Emily was no dummy to follow closely behind as we made our way up
to the front row.  Then, later that evening as we're standing around gabbing
a bit waiting for Pete to get on stage...we all witnessed the ghost of
Woodstock past.  This mother-earth flower-chick (I say that with the utmost
respect) walked up to us, handed us a newly lit joint, and then walked off.
*ONLY* at Max Yazgurs farm.

We (Stu and I) ran into Emmee again in Cleveland 2000 at the R'n'R Museum.
And, after a quick look around, hung out for the rest of the day partying
and soaking in the sights of downtown until we hooked up with Cousin

It's been 4 years since I've seen you!
Looking forward to meeting your finance.

NY here we come!

Kevin in VT

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