Real Good Looking Boy video online

Keithjmoon70 at Keithjmoon70 at
Sat May 15 09:30:09 CDT 2004

Man, I finally got this video to play for me. I just watched it a few times 
and it made me so proud of them.  What is it about this band that brings up so 
much emotion? And why do I have to talk about it?  Well, whatever a person 
enjoys, that is what they talk about.   I like to be free to do so.

I was struck again with how unique this band is.  That energy.  Who can 
compare? They should have titled the album that way.  I showed my wife the video 
and after choking up, she said  "Those guys were crazy. No one had the energy of 
that band."  But what is the best part is that there is a deep undercurrent 
of seeking for the mystery of human life and the secrets of the universe.

I can't wait. I get to see them this week!  Are you guys ready?

Jon in Mi.

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