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Sat May 15 08:06:27 CDT 2004

>Jim M petenotped at hotmail.com
>Subject: RGLB
>> Let's believe that Pete has some dramatic, powerful, and wild stiff in
>Or something like that.

Doh!  ;-o

Let's not forget that all Pete has talked about is The Boy Who Heard Music,
an autobiography that was already explained to depict all members of The
A written autobiography that turns multi-media (feels like that term was
coined specifically for Lifehouse...and as a result I cringe when I hear
Pete use is.  It is as of yet unattained.) and then back to the written

That's already some dramatic and powerful stuff that will surely get
everyone wild and stiff.  (?)

If you think about it in that context, the video works perfectly.  This is
actually a really good way to generate interest again in The Who,
particularly to new and younger fans that will be drawn into the 'lets take
a look then and now' aspect of this.  It's not hiding.  It's showing who The
Who was, and proudly at that, and also shows who The Who or Who2 is now.
It gives Pete deep material with which to work. Stuff he knows intimately.
It advertises who they are and leans on who they were.  It gives hard-core
fans a deeper insight into how Pete has viewed The Who all these years.  It
provides a perfect book end on The Who's career.  It continues the concept
of Quad, in that it spotlights were "we" came from, what "we" have survived,
and then takes it to the next step to look at how far we've come and the
current issues.
There was a brief discussion on another list about how embarrassing it was
for a grown man like Pete to still be dwelling on how his mommy treated him
I found that argument absurd.  We deal with our past right up until our
death.  The past and the present is intertwined ..... in the 'then and now'.
Plus, how can one understand where you are and where you have been going,
unless you understand where you've been?

Kevin (practicing the Who Fans obligatory Zen of patients as I wait for the
new wild stiff album) in VT

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