[Oddsandsods] Warm-up bands be for The Who

Kara Billings ilovemyhorses2 at hotmail.com
Fri May 14 13:44:17 CDT 2004

Hi Lam,

The Pixies would be good.
Radio Head is another one. I tend to like their older material.

Does any one remember Black Flag? If they where around still, I would say 
them. But the singer is solo now and he is still great. I have not been to 
any of his readings. Don't tend to want to go either.

What would be really cool, is if The Who could do alone and add a hour or 
more music. :)

It's  great to read the bands people would like to see with The Who!


>How about the reunited Pixies?  I heard their
>Coachella show and they were really great.>
>Kara asked:
> > If you could, pick any warm-up band, for The Who,
> > who would you choose. You
> > can say a more then one.
> >
> > Since The Cure is back I will start with them! :)
> > There is a lot of good
> > ones. Love to see what you will come up with.
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