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Buster Poindexter wasn't the band leader for Saturday Night Live (you may be
thinking of G.E. Smith, another weird looking dude), but he did do the
ubiquitous "Hot, Hot, Hot".

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> >Ticketmaster is reporting that David Johanson will be the opening act.
> Who?
> What's he known for (or for me...unknown for)?

This about sums it up...

As I said, he was the opening act for The Who at the Worcester Centrum in
1982.  I remember he played some Animals songs.  At the time I thought he
was a former member of the Animals.  He later "became" Buster Poindexter,
who I seem to remember being the band leader on Saturday Night Live for a
while (is that right?).

If he's the opening act, the good news time in the bar?

Jim M

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