Live Tommy benefit with The Ohm

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Fri May 14 07:39:13 CDT 2004

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To reserve tickets call (248) 644-0527
400 Lone Pine Road Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304-3437
I'm working in a big house right next door to that.  I drove by Cranbrook 
(where B Rabbit <Eminem> shot down Poppa Dot in his freestyle Rap for going to 
Cranbrook, an elite prep school way north of 8 mile) and saw on their theater's 
sign "Tommy" and I thought what?

Wait, Curt Traynor!? on Bass? I know him. He meets with me in the Church in 
Detroit. One time my brother went over his house to eat and his kid kept saying 
"dad play Boris the Spider!"

Jon in Mi.

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