[Oddsandsods] Warm-up bands be for The Who

Jim M petenotped at hotmail.com
Fri May 14 07:32:56 CDT 2004

----- Original Message ----- From: "Lam"

> In my super fantasy land, I'd like to see Pete and Rog
> do a set of old R&B covers...

Now *that's* funny.  I just woke up remembering a dream I had.  I was at the
Who show next week, but the venue was tiny.  It was a lounge with tables and
a bar.  I was pissed because my seats were on the left side of the stage and
I had intentionally picked seats on the right.  The Who came out and were
playing stuff like Roadrunner.  By the way, Pino souded great!

>...joined by Prince. Ha!

At one point in my dream, Pete was wearing some cartoon character costume
and had a superhero-like name, Mr. Something-or-other.  Not quite as surreal
as having Prince on stage at a Who show, but close!

Jim M

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