[Oddsandsods] Warm-up bands be for The Who

Lam milkcanlammy at yahoo.com
Thu May 13 13:38:37 CDT 2004

Oooh, The Cure would be interesting, huh?

The White Stripes and David Johansen are the best Who
openers we've had for awhile, imo. (I missed David Jo
when he opened back in 1982 or whenever!)

How about the reunited Pixies?  I heard their
Coachella show and they were really great. Oasis would
be cool and Zak could do double duty.

In my super fantasy land, I'd like to see Pete and Rog
do a set of old R&B covers joined by Prince. Ha!


Kara asked:
> If you could, pick any warm-up band, for The Who,
> who would you choose. You 
> can say a more then one.
> Since The Cure is back I will start with them! :)
> There is a lot of good 
> ones. Love to see what you will come up with.

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