Language problem in Australia?

Brian Cady brianinatlanta2001 at
Thu May 13 18:20:16 CDT 2004

If Australians are going to complain about bad
language, Pete might as well not bother.

>From The Australian at:

...You Am I are supporting one of their strongest
influences, the Who, when the British rock veterans
return to Australia in July. Following that they will
tour Europe, then begin recording a new album. 

Supporting the Who completes a unique double. You Am I
opened for the Rolling Stones in Melbourne last year.
Now they're looking forward to sharing the stage with
the Who's original two-pronged attack of Roger Daltrey
and Pete Townshend. 

In what must be a worrying development for those who
still see rock'n'roll as an anti-establishment,
confrontational art form, Rogers says he will be
minding his language when he fronts up for the Who

"We got told after the first Stones gig that we would
be thrown off if we didn't watch our language," he
recalls. "They got 83 complaints on the first night."...

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