Real Good Looking Boy video online

Jim M petenotped at
Thu May 13 18:01:14 CDT 2004

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> Artists Direct has the official video for "Real Good
> Looking Boy". Go to:

Some nice footage, although it's strange seeing the song set to all this
vintage Who video.  So, while it's fun to watch, I don't really think it

How about the edited down song?  I think this version might work better for
radio, if any stations actually play it.  It's shorter, with the "Now I'm
here with you, little darling..." verse removed, and possibly tighter.  And,
what's different at the beginning?  There's a drum beat over Pete's opening
chord that isn't there on the version I have (Itunes).  Are the Itunes and
Then & Now versions identical?

Jim M

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