Warm-up bands be for The Who

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I don't disagree that he's got a good range. By contrived, I mean he does
some vocal things that are kind of taboo in rock, like excessive vibrato. I
also think a voice is contrived when you can't relate it to his speaking
voice. Jim Nabors would be the most extreme example. Axl Rose is like that
too. Roger, and people like Plant or Bowie on the other hand, even though
they may use their voices in extreme ways, have singing voices that are
extensions of their real timbre. It's just a pet peeve of mine. I certainly
must be in the minority, however, considering his (Vedder's) popularity!

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>Chris wrote:

 > Only if Vedder misses the gig! I think those guys write some great tunes,
and I know he's Pete's friend, but that voice of his is so contrived it's
sickening. He's the anti-Roger!

Ouch, ouch, ouch!

I agree that Roger has an excellent voice, but using
the word *contrived* to describe Eddy Vedder's voice is
a real *oucher* in my book.  He's got a very deep voice.
That's not contrived.   Eddy also has a very good range
for someone with a naturally low register.

What's your real *beef* with Eddy?  Come on, show us
your cards!   (can you tell I'm an Eddy Vedder fan?)

Joe in Philly

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