Rachel Fuller live Updated.

Joe Lewinski lewinski at icanon.com
Thu May 13 12:55:43 CDT 2004

 >Schrade, Scott writes:
 >> > The first of those events will happen this week when >we broadcast a
 >> > show by Rachel Fuller.
 >> Zzzzzz......
Then Paul wrote:

 >What he said.

 >At least Ellen Foley could sing.  Oh, and she already had >a career
 >before she started sleeping with a famous person.


Thanks for making my day.   I almost spit out my
soup when I saw this.   After fussing with the
choppy RealMedia feed hoping I'd see some footage
of Pete this morning in that *Get to know Rachel*
clip, I thought I was alone on thinking this was
too ultra-tangential to The Who to be of interest.

All I can add is:

Double Zzzzzzz.......

Joe in Philly 

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