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Schrade, Scott sschrade at
Thu May 13 12:07:47 CDT 2004

> Vocalists have final approval over the set list.  If their voice 
> isn't up to it, there's going to be problems.

Then I would've thought "Love, Reign O'er Me" would've been dropped 
ages ago.  ;-)

Seriously, I understand what you & everyone else is saying.  Roger
is the main dude in charge of the set list.  I thought both he & Pete
picked the songs together.  In that, I was wrong.

BUT.....Pete can refuse any of Roger's choices.  He *is involved.  So, 
to say Pete has *nothing* to do with the set list is incorrect.  That's 
what I was trying to get across.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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