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Pictures of Lily 

Two fabulous limited edition prints of The Who by
Richard Evans, signed by the artist and countersigned
by Pete Townshend, are the latest arrivals at Vail
Galleries in Knowle, which now specialises in rock art
by the likes of Peter Blake and Storm Thorgersen.

As well as the two Evans pieces, Who's Missing and
Two's Missing, the gallery also has a collection of
album art prints by Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Yes, Ian
Dury and Paul Weller, who has personally signed the
last 60 prints of his Stanley Road artwork designed by
Peter Blake.

An exhibition of album covers runs at the gallery from
May 15 to June 13; for more information visit the
website www.prints-gallery.com or email them at
info at vailgalleries.co.uk.
You'll find Vail Galleries at 43 Station Road, Knowle.
Tel: 01564 730074.

-Brian in Atlanta
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