Who Duets?

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Tue May 11 04:46:18 CDT 2004

Anna Mormack said:

> I was just wondering the other day if there are any
> duets a member of The Who sang with someone outside of
> the group

Pete has duetted live a number of times.  I'm listening to Acid Queen (with Chyna?) right now.  The Lifehouse concerts had a few guest singers.  And Eddie Vedder on Magic Bus and Heart to Hang Onto.  Also, recently, Sam Brown for Heart to Hang Onto.  We won't mention Hame. 

Also, Keith and Ringo "rapped" together on Two Sides of the Moon.

I think Roger duetted on the British Rock Symphony CD - on "Kashmere".  

And the RAH CD had duets with Kelly Jones, Paul Weller, and Bryan Adams.

> Come to think of it, that might be a fun idea for a new album, > have the boys sing duets with other famous stars,

Who would you like them to sing with?

Personally, I think that, between Pete and Roger, they have such a great vocal range that they don't need anyone else.

Perhaps a female singer like Sam Brown would be interesting though.  Or maybe the Beach Boys on backing vocals?


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