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>>Subject: Naked Eye
>>> On a related note...I was really quite shocked to read
>>> that Naked Eye didn't
>>> even make the list of Who Fan Favorite Who Songs.
>>> *Didn't even make the list!!???*  What the fuck???
>>Really?  I'm shocked too.  I voted that song as my number 1 favourite.
>You are obviously a wise and astute Who fan!

How wise and astute of you to realise that!  ;-)

>>I guess a lot of the voters were not "real fans" - they may not have even
heard of this song
>>before.  Was the list just full of singles and radio classics?
>But the list was generated by us listers.  Those of us few (relatively) fans
>that bother to participate in Who-discussion here on lists.  We live WHO!

Well that's what I orginally thought.  But I finally found & bought the Q magazine and the top 20 list is mostly singles/radio favourites.  It's as though a few hundred casual rock fans also stumbled over the voting website and voted.

>>Can anyone please post the full list?
>>I haven't been able to find the magazine yet, and this list was what I was
most interested in.

>Brian Cady posted it here on igtc last month I believe.  I can't remember
>the title of the post, but I'm sure it's in archives.

I must have missed that - it may have been the time of the server swap, when digests were patchy.

Anyway, close inspection of the list shows that, as well as the top 20, there's also a list of top 5 "bubbling under" votes.  Top of which is Naked Eye.  Therefore, Naked Eye could be regarded as the 21st most popular song.

I also happened to notice, at the end of the magazine, a recent interview with Pete which is very relevant to a couple of recent threads on this list.  I haven't got it to hand, but it said something like: 
	- Roger DOES choose the set list - nothing to do with Pete
	- Roger would like to put more interesting songs in the list
	- but Roger can't choose songs such as Slip Kid, as Pete finds them too awkward to play!

If anyone wants me to type out the full top 25 list or the proper Pete quote, let me know and I'll happilly do it.


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