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Marcus Surrealius bushchoked at
Sat May 8 12:18:36 CDT 2004

> Very interesting.  Pete mentions that WHO2 *IS* what
> he feels he and Roger
> are.  A second Who, with two remaining members.  So,
> there you have it.


Works for me. Now, if they'd only put that on the
posters Tshirts frontbills etc.

> Lots of other great stuff.  Zak plays in the
> "tradition" but not the "style"
> of Keith.

A great way to put it. I agree.

> Pino plays nothing like John.

Very true. He plays like anyone would. Not distinctive
at all.

> Jules actually jumped up and ripped off her blouse,
> and started dancing on the table!
> My wife joined her, as did our friend Dan's wife!


Now that sounds like a Myrtle Beach beach party! Or
the Mardi Gras.

> Actually, The Who is the only one that got
> reactions.  Really.

Oh, I believe you. Really. And when the songs came on,
it's more than just a little possible that someone at
the party was saying something like: "These are the
new Who songs!" Isn't it?

> I agree with you, I think the album will happen,
> eventually.


Even mentioning the possibility gives him reason he going to pull another "Townshend" and
reverse himself? I'd hope by NOW he's learned not to
do that any more!

> He
> said they were being reasonably well received, but
> he also made some comment
> about how they were recorded hastily and implied
> that if they were going to
> be recording an album they would have to take more
> time over the songs.


Good! Because the songs do sound a bit unfinished, not
rough but just sparse. Especially the guitar. I was
expecting a bit more of what Pete has been doing live
of late.

> Ah, Mark voted then.  ;-)


I didn't, but I do think it's their best song.

> How about "I'm Free",


That would be my second choice. In fact, what a great
set-opener THAT would make, huh?

Oh, and you can count me among those who could live
without seeing Pinball Wizard, BBE and Baba O'Riley
played live ever again.

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cheese-that meant that they weren't very effective."
          George "just so you know" Bush

Cheers         ML

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