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L. Bird pkeets at
Fri May 7 22:23:32 CDT 2004

> > By the way, what did you think of what Pete said about RGLB and ORW?
> > He said they were being reasonably well received, but he also made some
> > comment about how they were recorded hastily and implied that if they
> > were going to be recording an album they would have to take more time
> > over the songs.

>I really enjoyed listening to the interview.  Pete sounded very level 
and realistic. To actually make an album is going to take some time.
Especially a "concept" such as The Boy Who Heard Music.  They just sound 
that's all.

It's possible Pete is watching the charts for feedback on the release to 1) 
decide whether to go forward with the album and 2) to decide on what 
direction to take with the production.  When you consider the Who music from 
the seventies, it's obvious that Pete spent a LOT OF TIME on music for the 
albums. It must have taken umpteen thousand man-hours to program that old 
synthesizer and piece together the tapes for Baba O'Riley.  On the other 
hand, the problem with IT'S HARD is that the music sounds half baked.

After all the comments from fans that they'd enjoy simple rock music for a 
new album, there seemed to be some disappointment that these songs didn't 
have more complex music.  If Pete's going to compose complex music, then 
it's going to take another HUGE investment of time to do it.  Unfortunately, 
I think this time investment is what makes Who albums stand out.  If Pete 
wants to put an an album on the level of the old Who albums, he's going to 
have to spend the time.


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