Item for Who history buffs

L. Bird pkeets at
Fri May 7 21:46:30 CDT 2004

>From WhoChat forum:

>....last Tuesday. I've been working away from home in Southern England for 
>the last week and I was in a pub in Shrivenham on Tuesday night which 
>wasn't tuned into the Chelsea match and they had Sky News on. The Who 
>suddenly appeared on the box singing My Generation from the Smothers Bros 
>clip followed by bits from TKAA , a new interview with Daltrey, a bit on a 
>new photoshoot with Pete and Roger, guitar-smashing from the sixties (which 
>I dont think I'd seen before) and...surprise,surprise........three seperate 
>clips from the 1972 Fete des Humanities (or whatever!) concert in glorious 
>colour including a shot of Townshend doing the splits, five feet off the 
>ground in slow-mo. At least we know now for def the footage is out there. 
>The pub was packed so I could here feck all but it seemed to be a news item 
>about The Who called "old rockers". It's taken me three days to get this 
>poxy laptop online....did anyone else see it?

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