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> I don't know, I came away with the impression that just about nothing 
> has happened since the session to record those two songs.  

Recording-wise, nothing *has* happened since then.  That doesn't mean
Pete isn't privately working on song demos, with the thought of a possible
new album in mind.

I really enjoyed listening to the interview.  Pete sounded very level headed 
and realistic. To actually make an album is going to take some time. 
Especially a "concept" such as The Boy Who Heard Music.  They just sound busy, that's 

How ironic it is that John's financial situation -again- was much of the 
reason Pete started back on the road in '96.  Now they're doing it all-out without 
that motivator.  The Who is such a puzzling band.

I laughed at Joseph's comment about smashing up stuff. 

Jon in Mi.

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