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Fri May 7 11:01:22 CDT 2004

> Yeah, he's written Real Good Looking Boy.

That's the one we know of.  Are you implying that Pete's lying when he 
says he's written other songs?

> I don't know, I came away with the impression that just about nothing 
> has happened since the session to record those two songs.  

Recording-wise, nothing *has* happened since then.  That doesn't mean
Pete isn't privately working on song demos, with the thought of a possible
new album in mind.

> Didn't he say they had been spending a lot of time in the studio 
> recently? 

Daltrey?  I don't recall that.  

> Where's the Daltrey interview that's supposed to be on this whostouring 
> site?  

I know.  They both link to Pete's interview.  Unless it's been corrected.

> I know I had some reason for thinking they could have been well into 
> the recording process already.

I was under the impression that they only had the two songs recorded &
nothing else.  And I though the rumor about *other* songs entering the
recording phase was started when Eddie Vedder said he had heard about
five new Who songs.  Isn't that when everyone began speculating that
they had completed some more studio work on *other* songs?

> By the way, what did you think of what Pete said about RGLB and ORW?  
> He said they were being reasonably well received, but he also made some 
> comment about how they were recorded hastily and implied that if they 
> were going to be recording an album they would have to take more time 
> over the songs.

They probably had to meet Geffen's release deadline for THEN & NOW.

> If the (an) album actually does ever materialize, what do you think 
> that means for the sound of it?  I thought it sounded like Pete wants 
> to polish it a lot more than those songs.  Is that a good thing?

I thought RGLB & ORW sounded fine.  They weren't cheaply recorded, IMO.
Pete's probably more worried about the band's *performance* sound as
opposed to the recording sound.  Maybe he thought they didn't have 
enough time to get a well-rehearsed, top-notch take of RGLB & ORW. 

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