Schrade, Scott sschrade at
Fri May 7 07:19:55 CDT 2004

> > Cleveland's 88.3FM WBWC radio show will be hosting an 18 hour 
> > Who marathon on May 27,
> Start working 'em, Scott!
> We want CD's!

That's a dinky college radio station!  Albeit a very good one.  
Baldwin Wallace College.

You want CD's???  (A.) Cleveland college radio stations don't 
come in so well 30 miles to south here in Ak-Ron, & (B.) I ain't
sittin' around all day - on a Thursday! - recording 18 hours of 
radio broadcasts!  

Or am I.....?  

No!  I can't do it!

Or can I....?

- SCHRADE in Akron

The Council For Secular Humanism

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