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Anna Mormack carrieanne79 at yahoo.com
Thu May 6 17:00:03 CDT 2004

> 20    Love reign o'er me
> 19    See me feel me
> 18    Pictures of Lily
> 17    I'm a boy
> 16    Tattoo
> 15    A quick one while he's away
> 14    Who are you
> 13    The Kids are alright
> 12    The real me
> 11    Bargain
> 10    I can see for miles
>  9    Pure and easy (labelled "The hard core fan's
> choice!")
>  8    5:15
>  7    Baba O'Riley
>  6    I can't explain
>  5    Behind blue eyes
>  4    Pinball Wizard
>  3    Substitute
>  2    My Generation
>  1    Won't get fooled again

It looks like a pretty good list, but where is the WBN
stuff?  I would also add "Relay."

"PW" is the one Who song I wouldn't mind never hearing
again.  I'm just sick of hearing it, in any
incarnation, on any album, live or studio.  The only
reason it used to be one of my favourite Who songs was
because I'd only heard, like, five, and had slim
pickings and liked it because it sounded new and
exciting.  Now I can only tolerate it in its proper
album position.  I could finally appreciate it again
when I got 'Tommy' (my four-year anniversary of
hearing my first Who album is only four months away!).
 It seemed like an angry assault after "Fiddle About,"
taking revenge on his uncle and other tormentors
through becoming a pinball champ.

Anna U. Mormack
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