Pete Townshend reference on Musician supply website

Greg Adams gradams at
Thu May 6 16:45:05 CDT 2004

While I don't like to refer back to this, at least this public 'week in
states the favorable outcome that we were hoping to hear...

May 5, 2004

2003, after a traumatizing mixup, Pete Townshend is cleared of charges of
possessing child pornography ... Townshend had been researching child
pornography for a book in 1999 when he foolishly used his credit card to
sign onto a child porn site ... in 2002 he had, in fact, published on his
Web site a long treatise condemning the free accessibility of child porn on
the Web ... a year later, the book he was researching was already at press
by the time an investigation of the porn site's credit card users' list
turned up his name, prompting a media freakout and a raid of his home which
turned up no child pornography of any sort...

Thanks to Musician's Supply for again, clearing the air on Pete.

Greg A.

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