Who fan list of favorite who songs...

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I wasn't keeping up with the list when this fans' favorite thing was done,
so I missed getting involved, but except for the pre-Tommy stuff it seems to
be pretty much what we get at the shows now. Is there no Entwistle because
no one wants to hear his stuff, or is it only a list of what they can play
now that John's dead? Also, aside from the always-overlooked Who By Numbers
tunes and the ones Scott mentioned, doesn't anyone want to hear a few
off-the-beaten-path Quad or Tommy classics? Ho-hum, "See Me Feel Me", "Love
Reign O'er Me", zzzzzzzzzz! How about "I'm Free", "Go to the Mirror", "Cut
My Hair", "I've Had Enough", "Punk and the Godfather". Sheesh! I'm also
shocked to see "Pinball Wizard" in there after all the bashing it took a
while back. I must admit, I have a weakness for this song so I'm glad it's
in there, but I thought everybody else on the list was sick of it.

-Chris in Cleveland

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Seems incomplete without....Naked Eye.
Kevin in VT

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> Here 'Tis:
> 20    Love reign o'er me
> 19    See me feel me
> 18    Pictures of Lily
> 17    I'm a boy
> 16    Tattoo
> 15    A quick one while he's away
> 14    Who are you
> 13    The Kids are alright
> 12    The real me
> 11    Bargain
> 10    I can see for miles
>  9    Pure and easy (labelled "The hard core fan's
> choice!")
>  8    5:15
>  7    Baba O'Riley
>  6    I can't explain
>  5    Behind blue eyes
>  4    Pinball Wizard
>  3    Substitute
>  2    My Generation
>  1    Won't get fooled again
> - Brian

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