Who fan list of favorite who songs...

Schrade, Scott sschrade at ascpl.lib.oh.us
Thu May 6 09:32:00 CDT 2004

>  9. "Pure and Easy" (labeled "The hard core fan's choice!")

Ah, Mark voted then.  ;-)

> Nothing from By Numbers, nothing with Kenney Jones.  Did they 
> *get* Scott's vote?

I abstained but, yes, where was "Dreaming From the Waist" or that
lame "Blue, Red & Grey" that y'all love so much?  And where was
my beloved "Sister Disco?"  And, yes, poor Kenny.  Where was 
"Another Tricky Day?"  

And no "Sparks?!"

"Behind Blue Eyes" placed way too high, IMO - at least for a Who
fanatics' Best-Of list.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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