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Wed May 5 16:01:54 CDT 2004

I agree with you, I think the album will happen, eventually. I love Pete,
but sometimes he does tend to waver back and forth on things, so it's
usually best to take things said with a grain of salt. If for no other
reason, I think he'll do it for Roger. 

Cindy in AR 

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>Joe Lewinski
>Set List New....For New Fans
>and after listing to the Pete interview,
>the new album is way off (if not completely off).

Just listened to the interview (at home).
I'm not as pessimistic as some are sounding.
I heard a cautious Pete.
Then, at the very end of the interview...the last thing he says, give it

"even if touring Australia may delay the album a bit."

....."*the* album".
Not *a* album, but *the* album.
It has a life.
He knows it.
He may *want* to escape it, but he knows it's there.

Kevin in VT

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