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Jim M petenotped at
Wed May 5 18:33:04 CDT 2004

----- Original Message ----- From: "Kevin O'Neal"

> Just listened to the interview (at home).
> I'm not as pessimistic as some are sounding.
> I heard a cautious Pete.
> Then, at the very end of the interview...the last thing he says, give it
> away....
> "even if touring Australia may delay the album a bit."
> ....."*the* album".
> Not *a* album, but *the* album.
> It has a life.
> He knows it.
> He may *want* to escape it, but he knows it's there.

I think that's very optimistic, Kevin.  You heard cautiousness.  I heard
conformation that there has been no progress towards the (a) new album since
they recorded the two songs we've already heard.  I heard Pete saying
they've talked about doing an album before and are no closer to actually
doing it now.  I heard him say:

"whether this album will come about I really don't know"

"[recording a new album]  would require me to write a whole 20-30 songs and
spend 6 months to a year in a recording studio. At the moment I'm not sure I
see that happening."

That sounds like a lot more than cautiousness to me.  You want me to ignore
that because he used the word "the"?  It'll take a lot more than that to
convince me now.

Jim M

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