Set list, dream or not...

Schrade, Scott sschrade at
Wed May 5 13:43:59 CDT 2004

> I don't remember seeing it either.  Could it have been on another list?  
> I don't remember the voting, either.

Alan McK. posted it on another list (can't remember which one).  I'm
pretty sure it wasn't posted here.

> Where did I get the idea they've been recording, an interview with Roger?

Remember, Eddie Vedder said he had heard....what?....four or five new songs.
I think that's where the rumor started that maybe they had recorded some
other tunes besides RGLB & ORW.  Vedder must've heard some of Pete's demos,
I guess.

> Listen to the interview.  Pete's still not convinced there will even *be* 
> an album.

Par for the course in Who-Land.

- SCHRADE in Akron

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